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Do you really need an attorney to help you get money for your car accident injuries?

On Behalf of Scott Marshall Injury Attorneys | September 2, 2022 | Car Accident Injuries

Cell phones have streamlined the process of handling a car crash. There was once a time when you might have to leave the scene of a wreck, find a landline phone and then wait until the next business day or later to communicate with an insurance provider. Those days are long gone.

As long as you don’t break your smartphone in the crash, you can notify law enforcement within seconds of turning off your vehicle. You can immediately take pictures of the damage to your vehicle or your injuries to your insurance company within minutes.

Given the streamlined process of filing an accident claim today, do you really need to get a lawyer involved to help you recover money for your car crash insurance claim?

Yes. Here’s why.

You can’t expect the insurance companies to play fair

Insurance companies are in business to make money, not to be your friend and hand out large settlements, regardless of how they advertise themselves. If you come to the table to negotiate without professional support, the insurance adjuster may trick you into admitting fault or to accepting a ridiculously low settlement given the damage to your vehicle and the injuries you suffered.

An attorney can educate you about your rights and the obligations of the insurance company. They can help you put a price on the crash and avoid common pitfalls that people encounter during sizable insurance claims. An attorney can help you make a claim that includes everything from your lost income to the diminished resale value of your vehicle after repairs. An attorney can essentially be your advocate.

Having a lawyer puts the insurance company on notice

When the insurance adjuster learns that they will have to communicate with your attorney, they are less likely to make a lowball settlement offer or try to stonewall you by not responding at all. Not only will the lawyer who represents you help you navigate the system, but they will serve as a warning to the insurance company that you intend to advocate for your client and will not hesitate to seek all compensation they are entitled to under the law.

Rather than trying to handle things on your own, seeking legal help first could mitigate mistakes and help recover maximum compensation for your injuries. You will also be able to move forward with a civil lawsuit, if necessary, after insurance negotiations without any major delays.