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Americans are consumers, and proudly so. We are a capitalist society and have access to all kinds of amazing products. The downside to this abundance, however, is that dangerous and defective products sometimes make it onto store shelves before the hazards become apparent.

Product manufacturers and retailers are ultimately responsible for ensuring that their products are safe and reliable. When they fail and their products injure or kill consumers, these parties deserve to be held legally liable.

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At Scott Marshall Injury Attorneys, attorneys Scott Marshall and Marko Crespo proudly represent clients in Clearwater and surrounding communities who have been harmed (or worse) because of manufacturer or retailer negligence.

We bring over 25 years of experience to each case, and focus on helping you recover the compensation you deserve.

Understanding The Different Types Of Product Dangers

There are essentially three ways in which a product can be dangerously faulty. They include defects in design, manufacturing or marketing of the product.

Design defect – This refers to a defect in the actual design of the product that results in an unreasonably dangerous condition. This is a defect in the original idea behind how to make the product, not the way it was made; therefore, it usually involves every copy of the product made by the manufacturer. One example would be a laptop that didn’t include proper ventilation and cooling fans. As a result, the laptop is likely to overheat and catch fire.

Manufacturing defect – A manufacturing defect is a defect in the assembly of individual units of a product. This typically affects only a portion of the products made. Some examples include tainted over-the-counter medicines or bicycles with weak frame welds.

Marketing defect (failure to warn and improper instruction) – Sometimes a product is dangerous in a way that is not obvious to a consumer. Warning labels serve an important purpose by instructing consumers in the proper use of products and in warning them of potential risks and hazards. If a company fails in this regard, it may be liable for any resulting injury or death. An example would be a toxic household cleaning chemical that didn’t warn consumers to use only in a well-ventilated area, causing some consumers to suffer lung or brain damage.

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