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Florida Negligent Security Lawyers

In Florida, property owners have a duty to maintain safe premises for those invited onto the premises. This may include when you suffer injury as a result of crime on the property – even though the owner had no part in organizing or committing the crime. This is commonly referred to as negligent security. The experienced Florida negligent security lawyers at Scott Marshall Injury Attorneys represent victims injured due to negligent or inadequate security measures.

More About Negligent Security

Negligent security cases are ones in which a business owner knows that their location is prone to criminal activity but fails to take adequate security measures to protect business invitees (such as customers) or to warn them of the potential danger from criminal activity.

These cases are often tragic, resulting in serious injuries (like gunshot wounds) and even death.

Steps to Take After A Negligent Security Injury

If you were injured because of a property owner’s failure to implement or maintain adequate security measures, you may have questions about what steps you should take.

  • Contact law enforcement: Calling 911 to report the injury incident is important, as it serves as an official record. Police will create a police report, investigate the circumstances surrounding the event and capture witness statements from anyone who may have been present when the incident occurred.
  • Seek medical attention: Be sure to seek prompt medical treatment, even if you believe your injuries are relatively minor. Sometimes, the full extent of injuries is not immediately apparent. A competent medical professional will be able to assess the situation, diagnose and treat your injuries.
  • Don’t sign anything yet: You may be contacted by the responsible party or his or her insurance company, asking you to sign off on a settlement. It is important not to immediately accept an offer of settlement, as you could be short-changing yourself in the process.
  • Talk to a lawyer: As soon as you feel up to doing so, consult with inadequate security attorneys who regularly represent clients injured in negligent security cases. An attorney will be able to help you understand your rights and your options for pursuing those rights.

We Know The Law And Have Helped Other Victims

If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in a criminal act on another person’s property, we can help.

At Scott Marshall Injury Attorneys, negligent security attorneys we have years of experience handling such personal injury cases throughout Florida.

A Case In Point

Some legal concepts are easier to understand when supported by an example.

Let’s say a person delivers gas to a South Florida gas station. The gas station owner asks for that person to deliver gas between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. The gas station has a history of being robbed on multiple prior occasions. In fact, they used to use their own trucks to deliver the gas, but the drivers were robbed too frequently.

Instead of dealing with the problem, the gas station hires another company to make deliveries but doesn’t tell them about the history of armed robbery, doesn’t take measures to provide security and doesn’t allow the gas to be delivered during the day.

The delivery driver is robbed and suffers an almost fatal gunshot wound to the head while delivering the gas. He miraculously survives. The gas station is then liable for his damages for negligent security and failure to warn the driver of the risk of criminal activity.

Another Example

A fast-food chain has a location in a strip mall. The strip mall has a history of criminal activity, and the fast-food restaurant has been robbed multiple times in the preceding two years.

An employee of the fast-food restaurant is shot and killed during an armed robbery. The employee’s estate then files a wrongful death lawsuit against the strip mall owner and the fast-food restaurant for failing to take adequate security measures and to warn them of the risk of criminal activity.

Florida law places some limitations on cases such as these; nevertheless, business owners still have a duty to protect their business invitees from the reasonably foreseeable criminal acts of third parties.

How Long Do I Have to File a Negligent Security Claim in Florida?

Waiting too long to consult with a negligent security law firm could leave you unable to pursue your rights. In Florida, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims related to inadequate security is two years from the date of the incident.

It is natural to be unsure about whether you want to pursue legal action after becoming injured. Your focus initially may be on recovering, physically and emotionally, from your injuries. You may also be hesitant to use legal channels to settle your claim. Consulting with inadequate security lawyers soon after you are injured will not obligate you to following through with a lawsuit. However, it will give you an opportunity to protect your rights and preserve evidence early on, while it is more readily available.

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