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Experienced Legal Representation For Victims Of South Florida Motorcycle Accidents

In many ways, Florida is an ideal place to be a motorcyclist. We have scenic views, warm weather and thousands of miles of open road. Unfortunately, Florida is among the worst states in the nation for motorcycle safety. Our rider injury and fatality statistics are cause for alarm.

If you’ve been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent driver, you need an attorney who will fight for the compensation you deserve.

In Clearwater and surrounding communities, attorneys Scott Marshall and Marko Crespo with Scott Marshall Injury Attorneys can help. We understand the challenges motorcyclists face – both physical and reputational – and we work tirelessly to help them hold other drivers accountable for their negligent actions.

Why Motorcycle Accidents Are So Devastating

Some of the dangers of being a motorcyclist are purely practical. Motorcycles are smaller and lighter than four-wheeled vehicles, and they offer no external protection to the rider in the event of a crash. These are reasonable risks that most riders accept as inevitable.

Unfortunately, many of the dangers of riding have to do with how other drivers behave in the presence of motorcyclists. Common accident scenarios include:

  • Passing too closely, cutting off a motorcyclist and increasing the risk of a rear-end collision
  • Turning left in front of an oncoming motorcyclist, resulting in a crash or running them off the road
  • Motorcycle skid-out accidents caused by leaking fluid from other vehicles
  • Accidents caused by running over debris on the road that has fallen off/out of cars and trucks
  • Failing to keep a lookout for motorcyclists in general

Over Two Decades Of Experience

When you hire us, we’ll put over our two decades of experience into your case, carefully reconstructing the details of the accident and demonstrating why the other driver was at fault. In doing so, we will help you seek the maximum available compensation for your injuries.

Overcoming Bias Against Motorcyclists

It’s no secret that motorcyclists generally have a bad reputation among other road users. They are often seen as reckless, rude and unwilling to look out for their own safety. Our firm understands that most motorcyclists are responsible, obey the rules of the road and care very much about their safety.

As part of our larger legal strategy, we will help you fight any bias you may be facing from jurors or insurance companies.

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