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Red-light running accidents: Where does Florida rank?

On Behalf of Scott Marshall Injury Attorneys | April 12, 2022 | Car Accident Injuries

We all know that traffic lights are designed to control the flow of traffic and prevent vehicles from crashing into each other. In theory, if a traffic light is present and functional, there should be zero auto accidents. But this isn’t reality.

Traffic lights are not physical barriers. Instead, it’s up to individual drivers to follow the basic rules of red, yellow and green. But we all know many fail and skirt the guidelines all too often.

One driver may think they are lawfully running through a yellow light when in fact the light has already turned red as they enter the intersection.

Perhaps another driver is texting or dealing with unruly kids in the backseat and fails to recognize the upcoming light is red and runs right throughout.

These and other driver-error instances happen every day, and many in the state of Florida.

Florida ranks third

According to a recent survey, Florida ranks third in the nation for most dangerous states in red-light running. Florida comes in third for the most fatalities. California and Texas hold the top two spots, while Michigan ranks fourth.

The ramifications of a red-light runner can be catastrophic. T-bone and other accidents at intersections often take place at high speeds, especially because many red-light runners are actually accelerating as they try to make it through the yellow light.

For those who do suffer injury due to the careless, rushed actions of a driver at a red light, legal recourse options are available to pay for medical expenses, lost wages and more.