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Study: More exhausted drivers are on the road than you think

On Behalf of Scott Marshall Injury Attorneys | January 12, 2022 | Car Accident Injuries

The average adult will tell you that they simply don’t have enough time to do everything that they need to on any given day. Some people say “fatigue” is a badge of honor, not realizing that their chronic sense of exhaustion impacts their own safety and those around them.

People often sacrifice sleep so that they can balance their jobs and their family responsibilities. Others work incredibly demanding jobs with long hours, then drive home extremely tired.

Despite assumptions about coffee and caffeine, individuals who have gone without necessary sleep still pose a threat when driving. Fatigued drivers have longer reaction times and some will even fall asleep at the wheel.

Sadly, unless you drive on nearly abandoned streets, the chances are very good that you have recently come quite close to another driver who has fallen asleep at the wheel in the last few weeks.

According to self-reported information analyzed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in 25 drivers admits to falling asleep at the wheel at least once in the last 30 days. How many more non-reported cases of drivers who have fallen asleep is unknown.

Unfortunately, given our non-stop American 21-century culture, no one seems to want to slow down the pace of life. For those who have been injured in an auto accident by a suspected drowsy driving, know that recourse options are available.