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Car crashes are a major work risk and lead to third-party claims

On Behalf of Scott Marshall Injury Attorneys | December 12, 2021 | Car Accident Injuries, Third-Party Liability

Collisions between motor vehicles cause thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of injuries in the United States every year. Although many people get hurt in vehicles on their own time, a significant number of people also get hurt in car crashes while working, like delivery drivers.

According to data provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, car crashes that occurred on the clock are high. In 2019, 35% of all work-related deaths occurred in motor vehicle wrecks. 

Workers injured on an -on-the-job auto collision are able to file for workers’ compensation benefits, but they can also file a possible third party claim.

An at-fault driver’s responsibility

Workers’ compensation will cover the medical costs of someone hurt on the job, even if they get hurt in a crash. Employees can also count on workers’ compensation to replace a portion of their wages. Those who lose a family member can file a claim for lost wages, medical care prior to someone’s death, and funeral expenses.

With regards to injured workers, wage replacement through disability benefits often falls far short of what a family really needs. A third-party claim against the other driver’s insurance company can allow the family to seek the remaining lost wages that workers’ compensation won’t cover.

Seeking guidance about a possible third-party claim for your situation can help determine how much you could really potentially recover for your workplace auto accident injuries.