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Are car crashes accidents?

On Behalf of Scott Marshall Injury Attorneys | August 31, 2021 | Car Accident Injuries

When another driver crashes their vehicle into yours, injuries are inevitable. If you are lucky, they will be minor, but, in many cases, your injuries could leave you needing considerable medical attention, time off work and other costly consequences.

To ensure you get the full amount of compensation, you need to investigate why the crash happened and show what the other person did wrong.

Car crashes or car accidents?

Talking about car crashes as accidents gives the impression there was no fault involved. While freak events can catch people by surprise, most crashes are caused by human error – usually that of the driver. Below are three top reasons a driver might have injured you:

  1. They were distracted: Horses that pulled wagons wore blinkers to reduce distractions. That is not practical for drivers, so they need to take their own measures. Putting their phone on silent and out of sight can help, as can ensuring they are comfortable and have everything they need to handle before setting off.
  2. They were impaired: Even a tiny amount of alcohol or drugs will affect somene’s ability to stay alert to the dangers around them.
  3. They broke the rules: The only way that thousands of cars can travel together in safety, is when clear rules are laid down, and people stick to them. It only takes one driver to go above the speed limit or ignore a stop sign to cause a collision.

Once you have discovered why a vehicle crash happened, you may still face a battle to get adequate compensation. Having support to find the causes and argue your case will be crucial to success.