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You Should Know is my monthly email newsletter to former and current clients, colleagues and other subscribers. It contains engaging stories, client-focused content and has a design that maximizes readability for recipients.

Along with firm news, I focus on the truth about the civil justice system, about trial lawyers and about what I really stand for. I work hard to educate readers about the true facts behind many controversial and nationally-publicized issues.

Sometimes I come face-to-face with an issue that requires immediate public awareness. Such an issue may be a bill that is about to hit the Senate floor, or a local legislative issue affecting the rights of my subscribers and the public. When such circumstances arise, it is important to my firm to get the word out to my subscribers.

Your privacy is very important to me. I will never share or sell your email address, and my You Should Know e-newsletter is 100 percent compliant with the Federal CAN-SPAM Act. All unsubscribe requests are honored automatically and immediately.


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