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Old-Fashioned Representation with Modern, Cutting Edge Technology

For decades, we have aggressively taken on the biggest multi-national corporations in the world by bringing the fight to them.

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Scott Marshall
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Your Florida, United States & European Personal Injury & Workers’ Compensation Team

At Scott Marshall Injury Attorneys, our attorneys, Scott Marshall and Marko Crespo, represent individuals in Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg, Florida, as well as Orlando, Miami and Abroad.

Our clients have been injured in auto, bicycle, motorcycle, and trucking accidents, as well as premises liability cases involving slip and falls, trip and falls, and even criminal acts involving negligent security.

Our workers’ compensation department handles all types of workplace injuries and accidents sustained in the course and scope of employment under the Florida Workers’ Compensation Law.

Through our affiliation with Injury Board, a small, but powerful and well-respected group of injury law firms, we co-counsel personal injury and wrongful death cases throughout the United States.

Representing Clients from Tampa Bay to Orlando, from Miami to Stockholm

Why Hire Scott Marshall Injury Attorneys?

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You don’t see our name on Billboards.

What does this mean? Law Firms who engage in big, mass advertising have an additional partner that demands to be fed: their advertising budget. It costs ridiculous amounts of money to advertise. That “extra partner” gets paid every month regardless of the firm’s cashflow. That puts extra pressure on a firm to “turn over” cases. Inevitably, that leads to a focus on settlement rather than true case value.

Firms like ours do not have that same pressure, which allows us to focus on what you hired us to focus on: you and your case. As a result, we are better positioned to maximize your case value and let the circumstances of your case control, not an oversized advertising budget.

We have Lawyers, not “case managers.”

Many large personal injury firms have a non-lawyer called a case manager who really runs the case. These firms are often known as Settlement Mills. You know you’ve hired a Settlement Mill when you almost never talk to the lawyer but are consistently directing to a case manager.

At Scott Marshall Injury Attorneys, we make the attorney-client relationship a huge part of the process. While our support staff is very involved in each case, so are our lawyers. The facts, legal issues, and circumstances from case to case are often similar, but every personal injury or workers’ compensation case is different because each client is different. It is our job to understand the individual needs of our clients. The only way we can effectively do that is by talking to them, which is exactly what we do. While we have an excellent support staff of legal assistants, records clerks and paralegals, our lawyers take the time to speak with our clients.

We have experience and resources.

Our firm has been representing victims of negligence (car, motorcycle, bicycle, trucking, pedestrian, slip/trip and falls, and negligent security) and workers’ compensation injuries since 1997. We have built a solid foundation upon which to fight insurance companies. We have the knowledge from decades of experience in this fight. It is a fight that never ends. Our experience helps us know the best way to bring that fight and our resources allow us to do it well.

Our Reputation with the Defense & Judges.

We are an AV-Rated firm. What does that mean? There are many, many accolades given to lawyers to highlight their experience and reputation. Some are legitimate. Others you can simply pay for. Only one is truly anonymous and only one includes the opinions of judges. Martindale-Hubbell is the oldest lawyer rating system in the United States. It started in 1887 as a way for lawyers to anonymously rate other lawyers. The lawyer seeking the rating has very little input.

An AV-Rating is the highest rating a lawyer can get for demonstrating excellence in their field, both in terms of legal ability and ethical considerations. It means that other lawyers and judges think that you are an excellent attorney and have the highest ethical standards.

Scott Marshall Injury Attorneys obtained our AV-Rating in 2011 and have maintained it ever since. When defense attorneys and judges see us on a case, they know that we know what we are doing, and they give us (and by extension our clients) the respect that we have earned.

Our Technology and Personal Service.

We are small firm. We like it that way. We like to think of our practice as a bit of an oxymoron. We have the most advance technological tools available to law firms. While we do maintain an evidence room for physical evidence that must be preserved, there is not a single shred of paper in our client files. We can do everything from our MacBooks, from document creation to court filings to emails, text message and phone calls. We are completely cloud-based, which means that our data is a hundred times more secure that a law firm using a local “in-house” server. This technology gives us the most efficient means of handling our cases.

Despite our focus on technological efficiency, we have retained what in today’s world may seem like an old-fashioned focus on client relationships. In a world where it’s possible to work and never meet anyone, we strive to meet and understand our clients. While we can do everything we need to do remotely, we are always available to our clients for in-office meetings. We want our clients to feel like a part of our family. Indeed, many clients keep in touch with us long after their cases have closed.

Our Aggressive Approach.

Throughout the years it has been our experience that the best way to maximize the results for our clients is to bring the fight directly and immediately to the insurance carriers. This means that we often file suit before other law firms would. We try to make the decision to file suit in the beginning of the claim based upon the nature of the case and our client’s expectations, needs and desires.

While this requires a significant amount of work, our goal is a swifter and better result for our clients. Insurance companies know that we will do this, so they take our demands seriously.

Our Philosophy

The Foundation Of Our Representation Is
Built Upon Personal Client Relationships

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The best way to truly understand each aspect of a case is by taking the time to get to know our clients. This is something that is largely lost in the world of personal injury law.

Our boutique injury law firm intentionally handles a relatively small number of cases in order to provide each individual we represent the personal attention and dedication they deserve.

Meet Attorney
Scott Marshall

Fearless Action Against Insurance Companies

Our Commitment
To Professionalism

He and his staff were excellent

I am very thankful for knowing Scott for over 15 years, his experience and knowledge of his profession is 2nd to none. He and his staff were excellent, he kept me up to date and all of my concerns were always met with a smile and an answer, Thanks Scott for everything…You are the best!!

—John Sauer

Understanding, compassionate and very professional

I was a client of Scott Marshall’s for more then 4 years. I found him to be very understanding, compassionate and very professional at his job, and would recommend him to anyone.

—Isabel Bravo

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