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Scott Marshall to join Haddad & Associates as “Of Counsel”

In 2016, Scott Marshall joined his long time friend and colleague, Royce Haddad at the law firm Haddad & Associates.  Scott and Royce took the bar exam together back in 1994 and have a long history of working together to pool their knowledge and talent.
“Of Counsel” is a term indicative of a firm, longstanding relationship between a lawyer and a firm.  An “Of Counsel” lawyer is neither a partner, nor an employee.  The relationship denotes a trust and commitment between lawyer and firm.  Scott and Royce will maintain their own firms, but Scott will be moving his office into Royce’s building and performing a substantial amount of work under the firm of Haddad & Associates.Scott and Royce look forward to taking this step, formalizing their already deep professional relationship.